4th grade science games for children, online tests

4th grade science games for children, online tests. This page features interestive online fun games which fourth graders can use to learn sciences. Some topics covered include: adaptation of plants and animals, force, physical and chemical change, mixtures, functions of part of cells, some facts about animals and more. Game types include: Rally, moonshot, pirate games, catapult game and more.


4th grade science game on adaptations

A rally science game on the adaptation of plants and animals to extremes

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classification of organisms game

Classification of organisms either as plants, animals, insects, fish, mammals etc

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science game for 4th grade on forces

A science rally game on force - kinds of forces, speed, acceleration, motion etc.

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Cell functions

science pirate game on functions of parts of a cell, 4th grade

Pirate game on the functions of parts of a cell. Cell wall, nucleus, membrane etc.

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4th grade science pirate game on mixtures in chemistry

Pirate game about mixtures e.g. sand and iron fillings, salt and water etc.

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Physical, chemical change

physical and chemical changes game online

Identify physical from chemical changes by playing this interective game.

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Scientific names

4th grade game on learning scientific names of organisms

Moonshot science game on scientific names of organisms. Zebra, shark etc

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Facts about animals

label parts of a leaf worksheet pdf

Learn some facts about animals, habitats, diet, reproductions etc.

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