5th grade science board games, pdf downloads

5th grade Crocodile board game template5th grade Pirate science board game

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Game rules >>>5th grade science board games, pdf downloads. This is fun way to teach students several science notions studied in fifth grade. The main idea is to review while playing a board game. This page contains two exciting board games: the pirate board game and the crocodile board game. Both games are based on similar principles - you have to roll a dice in order to move your chip on the board according to the number of places dictated by the dice. There are pitfalls on the board which might either prompt you to go back a few places or to go back to start. While having fun playing this game, students will review several science topics studied in grade 5. It can be played by two students or by a group of students. Hence this resource can be used by teachers and parents both at home and in the classroom. This game has been tested across the world in several classrooms and homes and has marked a huge success. Print the game boards and the rules above and start having fun.


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