Physical and chemical changes science game 2nd grade


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Physical and chemical changes science game 2nd gradePhysical and chemical changes science game 2nd grade, What is a phyical change ? , what is a chemical change ? Learn to distiguish teh difference between the two types of changes and identify processes that are phyical changes and those that are not.

Boiling water is a __________________ change.
Bending a metal pole is a ______________ change.
Boiling potatoes is a __________________ change.
Cutting an orange is a ______________ change.
Cutting a sheet of paper is a ______________ change.
Baking cake is a ________________ change.
Melting snow is a ________________ change.
Slicing a banana is a ____________ change.
Molding shapes with play dough is a ____________ change.
Melting glass into different shapes is a ___________ change.
Mixing a cocktail of fruit juice is a ____________ change.
Rusting of a metal gate is a ___________ change.
Washing clothes with bleach leads to a ________ change.
A _______ change leads to the formation of a new chemical substance. - Physical and chemical change worksheet >>>