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Ecosystem for kids is free website packed with loads of interactive materials for kids and educators. We have carefully aligned our materials to the science curriculum with activities developed for different levels (1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades). Ecosystem for kids has interactive e-learning games like: rally, catapult, pirate and moonshot games. This website also has a collection of carefully crafted worksheets which appeal to kids. There are tests in the form of multiple choice questions and gap fills which kids can use to check their skills on any science topic. Ecosystemforkids is also structured according to science topics and science branches. We are constantly updating our website in order to bring you the best science materials for free.

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1st Grade Science Activities For Kids

At an early age, kids are often thrilled by the varied distractions out there; how things work ?,  where life originates from  ? etc. The sciences attempt at providing simple answers to some of these puzzles. In first grade, the following topics will be covered:  Animals, Adaptations, Change of state of matter, Classification, Heat flow and waves, Kinds of rocks, Materials & more

2nd Grade Science Activities For Kids

This section features a science topics normally covered in second grade. There are games, worksheets, quizzes, and more. Each worksheet has an answer key attached while online games enable players to check their skills as they play. Topics covered include: Physical and chemical changes, Plants, States of matter, Weather , Mixtures, The Earth, Cells, etc.


3rd Grade Science Activities For Kids

Third grade science activities for educators and kids. Each level features loads of free interactive materials. Featuring are worksheets with an answer key attached on the second page, interact game tests, quizzes and more. The following topics are covered: Classification of organisms, Ecosystems, Force, Scientific names of animals, Weather, Atoms and elements, Electricity and magnetism, Extinction and fossils


4th Grade Science Activities For Kids

Visit this page for varied kinds of learning materials covering fourth grade science topics. There are games like the pirate game, rally game, card games, puzzles and more. These games cover a number of topics studied in 4th grade e.g.: Geography, Laboratory work, Atoms and elements, Electricity and magnetism, Plants, States of matter and more.


5th Grade Science Activities For Kids

Interactive online science learning materials for children. Ecosystem for kids got it all ! We have carefully crafted loads of worksheets with annotated diagrams.  Every activity has been covered with resources that facilitate the learning process. Topics covered include: Animals, Adaptations, Change of state of matter, Classification, Heat flow and waves, Atoms and elements, The Earth, Cells and more

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6th Grade Science Activities For Kids

This section contains a list of activities studied in 6th grade. Each topic is covered with varied resources like games, quizzes, worksheets, flash cards and board games. Some topics covered here include; ecosystems, classification of plants and animals, scientific names, electricity and magnetism, heat flow and waves, force and energy, the Earth and the solar system and more. Click to go to a section.